Founded by Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Tim Cook, Natural Health Expert Bryce Wylde and Osteopathic Manual Practitioner Sam Gibbs, P3 Health is a leading healthcare facility based in downtown Toronto that provides customized, integrative health services, combining the best of conventional and complementary medical practices.


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    • 22 JUL 16
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    What Can I expect From P3 Health?

    What Can I expect From P3 Health?

    Two of the most common questions we get from anyone looking to consult are “What can I expect?” and “What do I get?” The short video below explains some of the things that you can expect when you visit us at P3 Health.

    • 16 MAR 16
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    Seasonal Allergies: Nip them in the bud

    Seasonal Allergies: Nip them in the bud

    By: Dr. Andra Campitelli, ND While winter fades, we welcome spring—sunshine, fresh breezes, and green leaves. With this beautiful season, however, comes something that many of us could do without: seasonal allergies. Seasonal allergies, sometimes called “hay fever” or seasonal allergic rhinitis, are allergy symptoms that occur during certain times of the year, usually when outdoor molds release