Welcome to P3 Health

P3 Health’s medical leadership team includes the country’s best, brightest and most progressive practitioners, who represent a diverse range of disciplines and share decades of experience working in personalized, preventive and participatory healthcare.

P3 Health is a leading healthcare facility based in downtown Toronto that provides customized, integrative health services, combining the best of conventional and complementary medical practices.

As an Internal Medicine Specialist, Dr. Tim Cook has gained a unique perspective of the health care landscape both locally and abroad, having practiced medicine with the Canadian Military, at a leading academic hospital in Toronto, and as a Medical Director in private practice. A fortuitous meeting with Natural Health Expert Bryce Wylde and Osteopathic Manual Practitioner Sam Gibbs led the three physicians to consider integrating their evidence-based conventional and complementary healthcare practices. P3 Health was thus created, with the pillars of personalized, participatory and preventive medicine at its core.


A model that reflects the customization of healthcare, with medical decisions, practices and products tailored to the individual patient.


A method by which networked patients shift from being passengers to drivers of their health, and in which providers encourage and value them as full partners.


A movement that focuses on protecting, promoting and maintaining health, as well as forestalling the development of disease, disability and death.