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    Dr. Pietucha, You Will Be Missed

    Dr. Pietucha, You Will Be Missed

    Good afternoon,

    It is with deep sadness that I report the passing of Dr. Shamek Pietucha on October 10th. While on medical sabbatical in India, he suffered a catastrophic brain injury, and was repatriated to Toronto where he died peacefully with his family present. He was a remarkable athlete, physician, integrative medicine thought leader and supporter of P3 Health. He will be missed.

    Dr. Pietucha’s obituary can be accessed below:


    I know this announcement will be met with shock and sadness for those who had been attended to by Dr. Pietucha, and we would be greatly appreciative if you could be patient with us during this difficult time. We will be making any necessary referrals and follow-up co-ordination over the coming weeks.


    Dr. Tim Cook

    Dr. Tim Cook
    Specialist of Internal Medicine and Integrative Health
    Medical Director, P3 Health

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  • Posted by Kaz,Pietucha on October 28, 2015, 4:01 am

    thank you very much !

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