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    Here’s to a Healthy & Happy Summer!

    Here’s to a Healthy & Happy Summer!

    By: Lorette Steenman, RHN & RYT

    As summer winds down, and we begin to gear up for fall, let’s not lose sight of our summer tricks for keeping healthy and happy:

    Line the stomach

    Before enjoying a refreshing beer or rosé, be sure to line your stomach with some complex carbs, proteins or fats. Since alcohol is a simple sugar that is quickly absorbed by your body, having some food in your stomach delays absorption and reduces spikes in blood sugar levels. Consider having veggie sticks dipped in guac or nut butter, or cheese slices with nut and seed crackers. Alternatively, you could coat your stomach with a small amount of olive oil. Not into drinking olive oil straight up? Take a capsule of evening primrose oil which works to protect your liver.

    Choose quality

    The liver is responsible for the elimination – through metabolism – of 95% of ingested alcohol from the body. The liver performs many essential functions related to digestion, metabolism, immunity, and the storage of nutrients within the body. Once you introduce alcohol into the mix, processing carbs, proteins or fats gets put on hold, resulting in weight gain.

    While this process will occur no matter what alcohol you drink, you can reduce your toxic load by looking at the quality of alcohol being consumed. If you have a choice, select local, craft beers or organically-produced alcohol to avoid the intake of unnecessary and toxic additives, such as sulfites, GMO corn syrup, caramel colouring, etc. If you have a gluten sensitivity, intolerance or allergy, opt for dry ciders instead of beer, but be mindful of the sugar content. Currently, ingredient labelling isn’t being enforced, so it’s difficult to know what’s in your beverage unless you contact the manufacturers directly.

    Enjoy the sun, in moderation

    Safe sun exposure is essential for optimal health, but incorrect exposure can raise your risk of skin cancer while not providing any health benefits. Sit in the shade, or cover up and sport a hat. Slathering on sunscreen will only block out some UVA and UVB rays, and will add toxicity to the body.

    BBQ, not meat

    Barbecues getting you fired up? Think outside the box and try grilling veggies (peppers, pineapple and zucchini skewers or chopped turnips, yams, carrots and rutabaga) or cold-water fish. Avoid smoked, cured or pickled animal protein as these contain nitrates which can be detrimental to your health.

    Being present

    Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “we are always getting ready to live but never living.” Indeed, one of life’s greatest challenges is to be happy in the moment. Being mindful about what you’re eating, drinking and doing promotes health and wellbeing. Enjoy the moment!

    Here’s to happy and healthy last days of summer! 

    ABOUT LORETTE STEENMAN: Lorette is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Yoga Instructor at P3 Health, who is available for nutrition counselling, as well as private and group yoga sessions.

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